A Checklist Approach To Patient Care

SignOut’s mission is to eliminate the archaic word documents, excel spreadsheets, and EMR printouts that clinical teams have been using to manage their patient lists. Checkboxes on paper can only help the person who wrote it, and checkboxes help no one when that paper goes missing.

Use SignOut instead and enjoy a beautifully designed app that lets you create a patient census for your team, add patients, create and assign to-do tasks, and message and share updates with your colleagues all from the comfort of your phone. With all information stored on our secure cloud servers, you’ll never freak out when you lose that sheet of paper. Even better, with all patient to-dos organized on a searchable list, signing out at the end of your shift is super easy.

Oh, and if you still really want to write on paper, we have a printout too.

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Washington Hospital Center (WHC) is a 926-bed Trauma Level I academic medical center serving the Washington DC metropolitan area. It is the largest hospital in the 10-hospital, $4.6 billion MedStar network and the largest trauma center in the DC metro area. SignOut is the IT solution for WHC’s pilot Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program, which aims to standardize perioperative care measures and reduce costs and length of stay, both of which have been outcomes of similar programs instituted at other prominent academic centers.

Washington Hospital Center

Uchechi Iweala

Uch is SignOut’s founder and an orthopedic surgery resident at George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C. He is a graduate of the MD/MBA program at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School. SignOut combines his passion for tech, health delivery, and administration.

Michelle Patterson

Michelle is Signout’s Chief Nursing Officer and has several years of experience as a nurse. She is a member of the orthopedic unit at the Washington Hospital Center in DC, pursuing her Master's Degree at Marymount University as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at New York University.

Radoslav Georgiev

Rado has several years of coding experience in multiple software languages including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Wordpress, frontend, databases, and more. He is the founder of Inception Limited, a software development company, and is SignOut's lead software engineer.

Nick Nguyen

Nick Nguyen is a fourth-year medical student at George Washington University, and is applying to residency in orthopedic surgery. As Implementation Manager, Nick oversees SignOut's client training sessions and relays feedback to the management team to incorporate in software updates.

Georgi Tapalilov

Georgi is a versatile software developer comfortable with many coding languages and with several years of experience. He also has a Masters in financial management. He is a software engineer for SignOut.

Banjo Obayomi

Banjo is passionate about mobile apps and has published numerous apps on Apple iTunes, and Google play store. He is well versed in multiple software languages including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, C++, SQL databases, and more. He also has received is Masters in Computer Science from Loyola University.


IDB Contest

SignOut was awarded the 1st place prize out of a total of 663 contestants in the Islamic Development Bank’s inaugural business plan competition in Casablanca, Morocco. Awards were based on the venture’s strength of innovation, feasibility, and potential impact on the sub-Saharan African region.


Uchechi Iweala accepts the 1st place prize on behalf of SignOut at the IDB’s inaugural business plan competition.

Pitch George Contest

SignOut won a second place finish in George Washington University’s recent business plan competition “Pitch George.” Awardees were selected based on a combination of innovation and execution. SignOut will feature in the second stage of George Washington University’s business plan competition in the spring of 2015.


Uchechi Iweala, founder of SignOut, accepts the 2nd place award at the GWU Pitch George business plan competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SignOut?

SignOut is an app that allows clinicians to manage their patient census on their phone. You can use SignOut from anywhere and in any place with a data connection. It’s meant for health workers and systems that want to be fast and efficient.

How is SignOut different?

SignOut is based on the premise that the EMR should help health workers complete patient care related tasks quicker and more easily. To act on this premise, we designed SignOut as a task-based EMR that organizes communication around things that need to get done, everything from collecting vitals to staffing consults. SignOut records and reports the time it takes to complete tasks so that the whole team can improve their speed together.

What do I need to use SignOut?

All you need is a computing device (mobile phone, tablet, or computer) with an internet connection. No extra setup or installation is necessary.

How much does SignOut cost?

SignOut right now is free. Eventually we’ll charge a monthly subscription fee.

Is SignOut Secure?

Yes! SignOut is protected by the highest levels of encryption. We conduct regular third-party audits to ensure that your data is safe.

What types of healthcare institutions use SignOut?

All types of health institutions use SignOut, from tertiary-level hospitals to urgent care clinics to physician offices. SignOut is built as an all-purpose and flexible app for every clinical team that likes to get stuff done!

A Checklist Approach To Patient Care